Mind(less) Body


A woman reflects on the relationship between her mind and body.

Festival and Awards

FEMINYSTA Filming Eve Multicultural and Intersectional / NY Screenings To All (US), 2020
ECOFeminism Short Film Festival, 2020
Story? - International Student Documentary Festival (IE), 2020
intimalente/intimatelens film festival (IT), 2019
Vierte Welle Festival (DE), 2019
Montreal Feminist Film Festival | Festival de films féministes de Montréal (CA), 2019
BlackStar Film Festival (US), 2019
TQU Short Film Nights (NL), 2019
International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films, 2019
Every Woman Biennial (US), 2019
UNCC Student Film Showcase (US), 2018
Feminist Border Arts Film Festival (US), 2018
FECEA - Festival Internacional de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada (BR), 2018
Dulcísimo Ovario (MX), 2017
Cine Club Sándwich (MX), 2017
Hackney Attic Film Festival (UK), 2017
Transition International Queer & Minorities Film Festival Vienna (AT), 2017

Technical Specs

Time: 02:47

Country: Portugal

Year: 2017

Director: Ana Falcon

Screenplay: Ana Falcon