Ana Falcon

Ana Falcon

PhD Virtual Reality student, Marketing Strategist and Filmmaker

Había un profe que se iba en el ExpresoUDEM a su casa y siempre decía “Con permiso, ya llegó mi BMW” porque todos los expresos eran BMW.
Camiones/combis pero BMW. #problemasdeprimermundo

Yo vendia chupones de plástico (los fidget spinners de los 90s) hasta que les mandaron recado a mis papás 🙄

I’m ready to sDream with @berlin_talents 2021🐻✨📽
Looking forward to talk about #VR, #screenwriting, and #filmfestival advertising.
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Post an image of yourself as the final boss without downloading new pics. vrandmovies photo
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Lockdown (Stuck) directed by Ana Falcon


Basically one person wrote, another narrated the voice over, another filmed and another scored. A kind of “delicious corpse” collaboration that spanned a week. By chance I got paired with Kid Strange, one of my Tallinn friends and it’s funny how lives can be similar and yet so different. I’m just worried that my Mexican parents […]

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On Spaces

This is a quick writing I made for my Research Methodology class. “Activity in space is restricted by that space; space decides what activity may occur, but even this ‘decision’ has limits placed upon it. Space lays down the law because it implies a certain order – and hence also a certain disorder (just as […]

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Masters in CPPM homework on spaces by Ana Falcon.

The Effect of Affect

Words have different meaning across the art disciplines. This makes it difficult to create interdisciplinary conversation, but may offer transdisciplinary perks. The above floorplan is of a space that doesn’t exist. We are working on creating a narrative in my current Research Methodology class with (pause) MA Contemporary Performance students. So for the first time […]

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